Virginia Supreme Court Confirms There Is No Private Cause of Action Under the Virginia Relocation Assistance Act

Jan 15, 2019
Virginia Lawyer

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Understanding the Virginia Relocation Assistance Act

The Virginia Relocation Assistance Act (VRAA) is a critical piece of legislation that governs the rights and obligations of individuals and businesses involved in relocation projects across the state. It aims to ensure fair compensation and proper treatment for property owners affected by governmental actions, such as eminent domain.

The Recent Ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court

In a recent landmark decision, the Virginia Supreme Court conclusively ruled that there is no private cause of action under the VRAA. This means that individuals and businesses directly affected by relocation projects cannot bring a lawsuit based solely on the VRAA to seek compensation or resolution.

Implications for Individuals and Businesses

This ruling has significant implications for individuals and businesses who face relocation due to governmental projects in Virginia. While the VRAA still remains in effect, it does not provide a direct legal recourse for those seeking compensation independently.

Property owners now need to explore alternative legal avenues to address their concerns related to relocation. It is advisable to consult an experienced attorney who specializes in eminent domain law to understand the available options and potential courses of action.

Alternatives for Legal Recourse

While the VRAA may not provide a private cause of action, affected parties can potentially pursue other legal avenues for seeking compensation or resolution. It is essential to work with a skilled legal professional who can analyze the circumstances and advise on the most appropriate course of action.

Consulting with Richardson Law Firm PC

Richardson Law Firm PC is well-versed in Virginia's eminent domain laws and has a dedicated team ready to assist you in navigating complex relocation matters. Our experienced attorneys can review your case, explore alternative options, and fight for your rights, ensuring you receive fair treatment and just compensation.

As specialists in law and government, Richardson Law Firm PC understands the intricate legal framework surrounding relocation projects and the rights of property owners. We stay up to date with the latest rulings and developments so that we can provide you with the most accurate and insightful guidance.


The recent ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court has clarified that the VRAA does not provide a private cause of action. As a property owner facing relocation, it is crucial to seek legal advice from experienced professionals who can help you explore alternative options for seeking compensation and resolving your concerns.

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