Permissible Prohibitions on Campaign Yard Signs by HOA and Condo Associations

Oct 27, 2021
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Understanding Campaign Yard Signs

Campaign yard signs play a significant role in political campaigns, helping candidates create visibility and garner support from the public. However, when it comes to placing campaign yard signs in neighborhoods governed by Homeowners Association (HOA) or Condo Associations, certain restrictions and regulations may apply.

Permissible Prohibitions by HOA and Condo Associations

HOAs and Condo Associations have the authority to enforce certain rules and restrictions within their communities, including limitations on yard signs. While it is important to respect and follow these regulations, it is equally vital to understand the permissible prohibitions surrounding campaign yard signs.

1. Size and Placement

HOAs and Condo Associations can often regulate the size and placement of campaign yard signs to maintain the aesthetics of the community. Permissible prohibitions may include specifying the maximum dimensions and design of the sign, as well as determining designated areas where signs can be displayed.

2. Time Limitations

Another common permissible prohibition is the establishment of time limitations for campaign yard signs. HOAs and Condo Associations may allow signs to be displayed within a certain timeframe leading up to an election or event, and require their removal within a specified period after the event concludes.

3. Content Restrictions

HOAs and Condo Associations may also impose content restrictions on campaign yard signs. These restrictions often aim to maintain a peaceful and non-offensive environment within the community. Prohibitions may include disallowing signs with discriminatory language, profanity, or derogatory remarks.

4. Political Neutrality

Some HOAs and Condo Associations strive to maintain political neutrality within their communities. In such cases, they may implement restrictions that apply equally to all political campaigns and prohibit any signs supporting specific candidates or political parties.

5. Enforcing Decorum

HOAs and Condo Associations have a responsibility to enforce decorum within their communities and ensure that yard signs do not create disturbances or hazards. As a permissible prohibition, they may regulate the height of signs, distance from roadways, and the number of signs allowed per property to maintain a safe and visually appealing environment for all residents.

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