Obituary for Howard Copeland Hill, III

May 6, 2021

A Life Worth Celebrating

In loving memory of Howard Copeland Hill, III, Richardson Law Firm PC expresses its deepest condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time. Howard Hill, as he was fondly called, was an exceptional individual who contributed significantly to our community and the world. As we honor his remarkable life, let us take a moment to reflect on his achievements and the impact he made on the lives of those around him.

Early Years and Education

Howard Copeland Hill, III was born on August 15, 1965, in the vibrant city of Richardson. From an early age, it was evident that Howard possessed extraordinary intelligence and a thirst for knowledge. He excelled academically throughout his education, graduating as valedictorian from Richardson High School.

With a passion for justice and a desire to advocate for the well-being of others, Howard pursued a legal education at the prestigious Richardson Law School. His determination, coupled with his exceptional intellectual abilities, led him to graduate at the top of his class, obtaining his Juris Doctor degree.

A Distinguished Legal Career

Howard's legal career spanned over three decades, during which he demonstrated unparalleled expertise and commitment to his clients. As a highly proficient attorney specializing in personal injury cases, he fought tirelessly on behalf of those who had been wronged, ensuring the negligent parties were held accountable.

Known for his unwavering dedication and sharp legal acumen, Howard successfully represented numerous individuals and families, securing substantial compensation for their pain, suffering, and financial losses. His unparalleled success rate and meticulous attention to detail earned him a reputation as one of the most respected lawyers in the Richardson community.

Howard's Impact on the Community

Beyond his legal career, Howard Copeland Hill, III actively participated in various community initiatives. He believed in giving back, and his passion for making a difference was evident in his involvement in local charities and organizations.

As a prominent advocate for improved safety measures on Richardson's roads, Howard campaigned tirelessly for stricter traffic regulations. He firmly believed that by raising awareness and initiating change, he could help prevent accidents and protect innocent lives.

Howard's dedication to his community extended beyond legal advocacy. He volunteered his time and resources to support educational initiatives, mentorship programs, and various charitable causes that aimed to uplift the lives of underprivileged individuals and families.

A Cherished Legacy

Howard Copeland Hill, III's legacy will forever be cherished by those whose lives he touched. His profound impact on the lives of his clients, friends, and family will never be forgotten.

Richardson Law Firm PC extends its deepest sympathies to Howard's family during this time of mourning. We are grateful for the privilege of having known such an extraordinary individual who instilled a sense of justice, compassion, and community in all of us.

As we reflect on Howard's life, let us aim to live with the same dedication, integrity, and passion for service that he exemplified. Through our actions and by keeping his memory alive, we can honor the invaluable contributions he made and continue to make a positive impact on our world.

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Mike McCary
Howard Hill was a true inspiration to us all. His countless contributions to our community will always be remembered. May his legacy continue to inspire and impact lives for generations to come. Rest in peace, Howard.
Nov 11, 2023