Obituary for Kathy Corrine (Maynard) Snelgrove

Oct 3, 2023

At Richardson Law Firm PC, we deeply mourn the passing of Kathy Corrine (Maynard) Snelgrove, a beloved member of our community. Kathy's life was filled with love, compassion, and profound dedication to her family and the values she held dear. In this obituary, we honor her memory by sharing the story of her life and the legacy she leaves behind.

Early Life and Education

Kathy was born on [Date of Birth] in [City], [State]. From an early age, it was clear that she possessed an innate sense of empathy and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her. She pursued her education at [School/University], where she excelled academically and developed a passion for [Field/Area of Interest].

A Loving Family

Kathy met the love of her life, [Spouse's Name], and they shared countless cherished memories together. Their unwavering support for one another was the foundation of their enduring marriage. From their union, Kathy and [Spouse's Name] were blessed with [Number of Children] wonderful children, [Children's Names], who brought immeasurable joy and pride to their lives.

An Accomplished Career

Kathy's professional journey was characterized by dedication and excellence. She worked tirelessly at [Company/Organization] as a [Job Title], where she made a significant impact in her field. Her commitment to her work and her genuine concern for the well-being of her colleagues earned her the respect and admiration of all who had the privilege of working alongside her.

Devotion to Community and Causes

Kathy's generosity and commitment to giving back were extraordinary. She actively participated in various community initiatives, volunteering her time and resources to support causes close to her heart. Whether it was [Specific Cause 1], [Specific Cause 2], or [Specific Cause 3], Kathy was always at the forefront, striving to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Cherished Memories

Kathy's warm smile, infectious laughter, and kind heart touched the lives of so many. She had a gift for making everyone feel valued and loved. In her free time, Kathy enjoyed [Hobbies/Interests], [Hobby/Interest 1], and [Hobby/Interest 2]. She cherished moments spent with her family, creating lasting memories filled with love and laughter.

Remembering Kathy Corrine (Maynard) Snelgrove

The loss of Kathy leaves a void in our lives that can never be filled. However, we find solace in knowing that her spirit and the lasting impact she made will continue to inspire us all. Kathy's legacy of love, kindness, and compassion will live on through the lives she touched and the memories she left behind.

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Jodie Sun
My sincerest condolences to Kathy's family. She was truly an extraordinary person.
Nov 11, 2023
Terri Becker
Condolences to the family, Kathy will be dearly missed.
Oct 18, 2023