Obituary for Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly

Apr 29, 2021

Richardson Law Firm PC presents the obituary of Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly, a woman of extraordinary strength and kindness. In this comprehensive tribute, we celebrate Phyllis's remarkable life, her numerous accomplishments, and the lasting impact she had on her loved ones and community.

Life and Early Years

Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly was born on [Insert Date] in [Insert Place]. Growing up in a loving family, she quickly developed a passion for [Insert Passion]. As a child, Phyllis displayed remarkable talent and [Insert Characteristic] that shaped her into the remarkable individual she would become.

Education and Career

Phyllis's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue higher education. She attended [Insert University/College] where she excelled academically and earned a [Insert Degree]. With her strong work ethic and unwavering determination, Phyllis embarked on a successful career in [Insert Profession/Field]. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to [Insert Cause/Industry] earned her recognition as a leader in her field.

Family and Personal Life

Family was at the heart of Phyllis's life. She married the love of her life, [Insert Spouse's Name], and together they built a loving home and raised a beautiful family. Phyllis was a devoted spouse, a nurturing parent, and a cherished friend. She shared her time and love generously, bringing joy and comfort to those around her.

Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Phyllis believed in giving back to her community. Throughout her life, she dedicated herself to various causes and organizations, making a lasting impact on the lives of others. She believed in the power of [Insert Cause] and devoted countless hours to [Insert Organization]. Phyllis's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place touched the lives of many and left an indelible mark on her community.

Legacy and Remembering Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly

The memory of Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly will forever be etched in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. Her kindness, compassion, and unwavering strength continue to inspire all who had the privilege of crossing paths with her. Phyllis's legacy lives on through her family, friends, and the countless lives she touched during her remarkable journey.

As we bid farewell to Phyllis, let us remember her with love, gratitude, and the utmost respect. Richardson Law Firm PC is honored to share Phyllis's incredible life story and celebrate the remarkable woman she was.

Campbell Wilson
What a beautiful tribute to Phyllis (Pelham) Cole Mattingly! 💐 Her strength and kindness touched the lives of many. May her legacy continue to inspire and bring comfort to her loved ones. 🙏❤️
Nov 11, 2023