Robert J Hatherly - Obituary

Jul 31, 2019

Remembering a Remarkable Life

It is with great sadness that we share the obituary of Robert J Hatherly, a beloved friend, cherished family member, and esteemed member of our community. This page serves as a tribute to his life, achievements, and the memories he leaves behind.

A Life of Accomplishments

Robert J Hatherly led a life marked by extraordinary accomplishments. Born and raised in our community, he dedicated his life to serving others, both professionally and personally. As a highly skilled attorney, he made a significant impact in the field of law, ensuring justice for countless individuals. His dedication, integrity, and unwavering commitment to his clients earned him a reputation as an exceptional legal professional.

Within our community, Robert J Hatherly was known for his philanthropic endeavors. His passion for making a difference extended to various charitable organizations and community initiatives. He selflessly worked towards improving the lives of those less fortunate, leaving behind a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.

A Passionate Advocate

As an attorney at Richardson Law Firm PC, Robert J Hatherly played a vital role in providing legal guidance to our clients. Through his exceptional skills and deep understanding of the law, he offered unparalleled representation and support. Known for his attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving abilities, he consistently achieved favorable outcomes for his clients.

A Legacy of Compassion

Robert J Hatherly's impact extended far beyond the courtroom. Family, friends, and colleagues remember him as a caring and compassionate individual who always put others first. He touched the lives of countless individuals, providing comfort and support during times of need. His warm smile, kind heart, and willingness to lend a listening ear will forever be treasured.

Remembering the Memories

While words cannot fully capture the essence of Robert J Hatherly's life, we invite you to share your memories and stories here. Let us come together as a community to celebrate the life of this extraordinary individual and the impact he made on all of our lives.

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