Obituary for Sonja Sue Leavelle

Dec 20, 2017

A Life Remembered

With heavy hearts, Richardson Law Firm PC deeply mourns the passing of Sonja Sue Leavelle, a cherished member of our community. Sonja's journey was one of strength, resilience, and compassion. Her impact on the lives she touched will forever be remembered.

Early Life and Education

Sonja was born on [Date] in [Place]. From a young age, her passion for knowledge and justice shone brightly. She pursued her education with enthusiasm, graduating [School Name] with honors. Throughout her academic journey, she displayed an unwavering dedication to making a difference in the world.

Professional Achievements

After completing her education, Sonja joined Richardson Law Firm PC, where she quickly established herself as a formidable advocate for justice. Her legal expertise, combined with her compassionate approach, made her a trusted counsel to clients in need. Sonja's dedication to her clients and her unwavering pursuit of justice set her apart in the legal field.

Remembering Sonja

Sonja will forever be remembered for her kindness, empathy, and unwavering commitment to helping others. She touched the lives of many, leaving behind an indelible impact on our community and all those who had the privilege of knowing her.

In her free time, Sonja enjoyed [Hobbies/Interests]. Her vibrant spirit and love for life were evident in everything she did. She will be deeply missed by her family, friends, colleagues, and all who knew her.

A Lasting Legacy

Sonja's legacy will continue to inspire and guide us. As we honor her memory, we strive to carry forward her values, advocating for justice, equality, and fairness. Her dedication to making a difference will forever serve as a reminder of the impact a single individual can have on the world.

Contact Richardson Law Firm PC

If you require legal assistance or have any inquiries, please reach out to Richardson Law Firm PC. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to support you in your time of need, just as Sonja would have done.

Richardson Law Firm PC is located at [Address], and you can contact us at [Phone Number] or [Email Address]. Despite our collective grief, we remain committed to providing exceptional legal services and upholding Sonja’s legacy.


The passing of Sonja Sue Leavelle is a profound loss to our community, but her spirit will live on through the memories we hold dear. As we honor her life and legacy, let us remember the impact she made and the inspiration she provides.