Obituary for Wanda (Overton) Auten

Jan 16, 2018

An Unforgettable Life Remembered

At Richardson Law Firm PC, we pay tribute to the life of Wanda (Overton) Auten, a beloved member of our community. With heavy hearts, we share this obituary to honor Wanda's extraordinary journey and preserve her memory.

Early Life and Childhood

Wanda Auten was born on [birthdate] in [place of birth] to [parents' names]. She grew up in the [city/region] where her passion for [interests/passions] blossomed. From an early age, Wanda's boundless curiosity, dedication, and empathy were evident to everyone who knew her.

Educational Achievements and Career

Throughout her academic career, Wanda demonstrated an innate ability to excel. After graduating [high school/university], she pursued her passion for [field of study]. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication led her to complete her [highest degree obtained] in [year].

Following her education, Wanda embarked on a fulfilling career in [industry/profession]. Her commitment to justice and upholding the law made her an invaluable asset to Richardson Law Firm PC. Throughout her [number of years] at the firm, Wanda touched countless lives, advocating for clients and making a positive impact in the [city/region] community.

Above and Beyond: Wanda's Contributions

Wanda's dedication extended far beyond her professional life. She was a fervent supporter of numerous charitable organizations, volunteering her time and resources to make a difference. Whether helping those less fortunate or championing causes close to her heart, Wanda's impact cannot be measured.

As an active member of the [community/organization], Wanda inspired others with her unwavering commitment to serving those in need. Her selflessness and compassion touched the lives of many and helped build a stronger, more caring community.

Personal Life and Legacy

Wanda was a loving and cherished daughter, sibling, friend, and partner. Her warmth, kindness, and infectious laughter brought joy to all who knew her. In her free time, she enjoyed [hobbies/interests] and could often be found [activity/location].

Wanda's memory will forever be treasured by her family, including [family members/close friends]. As we mourn the loss of a remarkable individual, we also celebrate the legacy she leaves behind. Her impact on the lives she touched will continue to resonate for generations to come.

Remembering Wanda

The loss of Wanda (Overton) Auten leaves an indescribable void in our lives. However, we find solace in sharing our fondest memories and stories. If you would like to contribute to a collective celebration of Wanda's life and leave a tribute, please feel free to do so below.

In Loving Memory

Richardson Law Firm PC stands with the family and friends of Wanda during this difficult time. We extend our deepest sympathies and offer our unwavering support. We will continue to honor her memory and ensure her contributions are never forgotten.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt condolences to those mourning the loss of Wanda Auten. May her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

David Farre
Wanda's journey and memory will forever remain in our hearts. She was a beloved member of our community. Rest in peace, dear Wanda.
Nov 8, 2023